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The next Gen-CAM-provider

You're looking for a cam provider, that keeps it's promises? You're dissapointed with your last provider ?

If you're ready to give us a try, check out the following lines and become conviced !
We would be happy to be your new reliable partner in cam issues - Without dissapointment !

Right from the beginning: We are no mass-provider, with europewide services and servers being overloaded, like all the others. We concentrate on countries, where we are able to offer reliable sharing services. Our site isn't loaded with a dozen of fake information, because for us card-sharing is a matter of trust !

To provide our service secure and longterm we attach great importance to your anonymity..
Not just ours, also your identity is encrypted and anonymised. To find out why it's secure and anonymous with us, check out this.

  • Extra kind and genius(trust me when I'm saying genius) team- Motto: 00110001
  • 24/7 dedicated host systems - offshore
  • Stable lines
  • Your own line-accounting system
  • Live support und ticket system
  • Multi-serverpark with loadbalance and backup-server
  • Anonymous via free vpn-tunneling
  • Encrypted connection: AES-256 Cipher
  • Satellite und cable
  • Local hardware with backup system
  • Huge amount of channels

To convince you finally (If it didn't happen untill now), we provide a testline for free,immediately if you click right here.


Fix - Oscam black screen on some channels
If you are using Oscam you may have some problems with decoding some channels. You can solve the issue by update your oscam client and adding the following entry into your line at oscam.server disablecrccws_only_for = 098C:000000;09C4:000000 If you are using cccam 2.3.* you have to change your client. Please switch to oscam with the provided entry.



Payment via bitcoins
You can now choose between bcc/bch Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin(BTC). Please make sure that you send the right coins to the choosen coin otherwise your coins are lost.

Powerful hardware

By using average auto-loadbalancing we always provide a fresh line at the most recommended server of our serverpark

Our servers never overload, when the maximum of users is reached, line creation is permitted . Release of lines will first be, when a new server is online.

Highly efficient use of local and remote hardware provides a total new CAM standard!

Maximum Security

AES-256 encryption via hookup VPN-tunnel, hidden servers via 3-times server-detour, SSL encryption of our website, advanced firewall.

Security of our customers is our first priority !

Be sure:
- No Logs
- Encrypted connection
- No Tracking
- LUKS encrypted Server

Premium Support

You can use our premium support, if there are any issues you can't solve on your own.

In case of payment issues, receiver setup issues, client freezing or any other question, reach us via our ticket system, Skype or Email.

Fully Automated Control Panel

Order and manage your lines yourself - As easy as a pie !

Our new built system provides you to order new lines, take a look which lines you already have and managing them.
Change your used protocol immediately, change your line type from satellite to cable, attach notes to your lines...
- As flexible as you need !

Without waiting, ticket writing, or annoying waitloops !

Pay anonymously

Welcome to the world of Bitcoins ! :-)

Using Bitcoin payments is awesome! You can send small and big amounts of money, decentralized and anonymously, without institutions like banks, that only suck the money out of your pocket !

Using Bitcoins is as easy as a pie - We'll explain it to you !

Check out our step by step tutorial here.

Credit System / Prepaid

We use a credit system, which allows to deposit bitcoins. Because it's prepaid, you can always decide to build your own buffer-money

Order your lines yourself and get them delivered immendiately!

Fast - flexible - easy! :)

Free trial

Check out our lines for free, with an 6 hour testline, get access immediately and without waiting!
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